Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Scarf for April

As a thank you to my freind April for giving me rides from work, I have made her this scarf. It's called Spring Scarf and you can get the free crochet pattern here

http://knottygeneration.blogspot.com/2008/04/spring-scarf-pattern.html Next I'm making her some cabled wristlets from the new Creative Knitting magazine in the same yarn. I have one done and it's looking real pretty.

yarnie goodness

I finally got the yarn for Mystery Stole 4. It is Skacel Merino Lace in Pale Pink and I'm using purple beads. I got to about Row 15 of Clue 1. I was doing both ends at the same time, but made an error on one end that I tried to fix, and just made it worse. So I frogged it and decided it was easier to just do one end at a time. I'll post a photo as I get the Clues done. I'm way behind.......

I got a huge suprise today when I went to get the mail - (yes, I have to get a PO BOX here in Alaska because there is no home delivery. It's not cheap either.) Anyway there was a box from SoHo Publishing. I was not sure what it was since I didn't order anything - and suprise! It was the cover kit from Knit Simple Magazine Fall 08 issue that I entered by post card. It is 22 skeins of Be Sweet Brushed baby Mohair in the color Tomato. Now to decide whether to make that sweater or find another. Any suggestions?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Well, I finally took time to show off my contest winnings. First off, I won Gold on Mary's blog

where I won this beautiful Pure Wool Yarn. You can buy it here http://www.100purewool.com/

It' really soft and yummy!

Next, I won the Creativity Contest for my Lemoncello Bookmark - pattern is shown below on an earlier post -on my Bookmark KAL Yahoo Group, (pattern is below) and thank you Flo and Brian - you sent a bunch of threads and yarns. Look at all the goodies....There were 9 balls of yarn and they are Rayon Chenille in Tutti Frutti (it's really pretty!), Cotton Jewel Sapphire, Cotton Metallic Dazzing Cream, Rayon Crochet Butterscotch, Merc Cotton size 10 in shaded pastels, Cotton Gloss in Red, Create-It, Cotton in white, Peaches & Creme Worsted in Mistletoe and Peaches & Creme Double Worsted in Williamsburg Blue. These are all great and I got some that I have never seen before. Now what to make with all this.......

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I found another new blogger celebrated her blogiversay check out her blog here
http://keepingknitsimple.blogspot.com/2008/08/blogaversary-contest.html Everybody check it out, and if you leave a comment, let her know I sent ya! Debbie