Monday, July 21, 2008

My First post

Hi I'm Debbie and I'm addicted to knitting. Sounds like a good club to be in!!! This is my first post, so bear with me till I get the hang of this. Here I am.

I'll try to get a better pic on, but in the meantime here is a pic of my beautiful daughter Jessica.

Here are some pics of some of my favorite knitted items. If anybody wants to know where I got the patterns, leave me a comment or email me.


Toni said...

Hi Debbie!
You blog looks great! Good job. I love your projects!
Toni from the Bookmarker Group

Liza said...

Hi Debbie, watch the blog, I hear it can become addicting too and will cut into your knitting time. LOL.

You have a great variety of projects going on.

I just joined the bookmark group though have to get to the store to get my materials.


Kathie said...

Love your blog.. Your projects are beautiful.. would love to join the bookmark club.. have to look for that.. Kathie

CC said...

Hey Debbie,
What is the fabulous looking fair isle "bag" that's four photos from the bottom of your first post. Really caught my eye.

Knitman said...

Welcome to Blogger! You'll grow to love it, I hope.

T-Mom said...

Deb, I love your color-work--the bag and the tam are particularly nice!

N. Maria said...

You have some beautiful knitted items! Your stranded work is super.
I love your tam!
Maria from Socknitters